A Christmas Carol – As told by Jacob Marley (deceased)

Brother Wolf presents…

James Hyland reprises one of the greatest one-man shows of all time in his award-winning production of A Christmas Carol – As told by Jacob Marley (deceased). Told from the perspective of Scrooge’s deceased business partner, this critically acclaimed adaptation has been hailed as the “definitive telling of A Christmas Carol” and rated as one of “the top Christmas shows in London, Edinburgh and around the UK”. Officially recognised by The Queen, this “forcefully compelling masterpiece” delivers thrills, chills and excitement aplenty for all ages.


Jacob Marley is dead and condemned to an eternity of carrying a heavy chain, forged in life; a life to which he can no longer return except to recount the tale of his miserly business partner, Ebenezer Scrooge, and the path that lead to his redemption. Through Marley’s words, we learn how three magical spirits opened Scrooge’s eyes and made him realise the true value of love and forgiveness.


Parental discretion advised for children under the age of 7.

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Date of event:

20th November 2015

Event details:

7.30pm £12/£14 otd