Steve Knightley

Steve Knightley, the songwriting force behind Show of Hands, widely acclaimed as the finest acoustic roots duo in England, set out in early 2014 on his 160 date “Grow your own Gig” tour of rural village halls.

Once described by The Times as the “gravel voiced spokesman of the rural poor” and possessing a vast repertoire of songs about those who live and work in the countryside, his journey finally came to an end in September 2015.

In 2016 he has decided to turn his attention to maritime venues around the shoreline of England and Wales.

His “All at Sea” tour will find him playing in seaside halls, an Elizabethan Fort, on boats and in a rich variety of performing spaces all within sight of the waves and the tide.

As Steve says “As a West country songwriter I have written so many songs of sea farers and wreckers, travellers and traders, pirates and smugglers. Now I”m going to be able to sing them with the sound of the sea in the distance – I can”t wait!”

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Date of event:

30th January 2016

Event details:

8pm £16adv/£18otd