A Lesson From Auschwitz

Brother Wolf presents


Written, Produced and Directed by James Hyland

In 1941, Rudolf Höss, Commandant of the Nazi concentration camp known as Auschwitz, assembled his SS personnel in a secret meeting with the express purpose of introducing a new method for exterminating Europe’s Jews: Zyklon B, a deadly poison gas. Every soldier in attendance was sworn to secrecy, and no one questioned its usage. No one except a lone Jewish prisoner, forced to participate and humiliated throughout; the very prisoner upon which this “lesson” would be demonstrated.

Based upon real events, ‘A Lesson from Auschwitz ‘explores how and why the Nazis did what they did, shedding light on the mentality of the perpetrators and the disturbing reality of life in a death camp.

Praise for ‘A Lesson from Auschwitz’

“it’s important that plays like this are seen by as many people as possible especially in the current climate of overt racism that can be found in many parts of the world.” ~Alan Fitter, London Theatre 1


“This is an incredibly powerful piece by Brother Wolf… The ‘lesson’ from Auschwitz that Höss wanted to impart might have been one thing, but the lesson we learn is another.” ~Loitering in the Theatre


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Date of event:

17th September 2016

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7.30pm £13adv/£15otd