Jo Caulfield – The Customer is Always Wrong

Lakin McCarthy presents


Have you ever noticed that even when you’re right, you’re wrong? From the potential minefields of dating, relationships and divorce, to the simple things, like booking a holiday, or joining a pub-quiz team – nothing is ever as straightforward as it should be. Jo Caulfield is determined to get things back on track…

Award-winning Stand-Up comedian Jo Caulfield takes a humorous look at life’s potential traps, what can go wrong and how to deal with them (and, in some cases, how to make everyone else suffer with you).

This is a 90 minute laugh-out-loud show, full of razor-sharp observations; sharp, witty and insightful. Jo will make you think as much as she makes you laugh – you won’t be disappointed.

Jo has appeared on The John Bishop Show (BBC One), Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (BBC One), Mock the Week (BBC Two) and Have I Got News For You (BBC One).
Suitable for 16 years and over.

Show Details

Date of event:

14th October 2016

Event details:

8pm £14/£16otd