Pan Jumby

The British jazz scene has always had a close relationship with musicians from the Caribbean and Africa, revitalising itself with fresh energy and new musical ideas at every collaboration.  Pan Jumby draws on music from Trinidad and features calypso and soca material alongside Brazilian tunes, Reggae & jazz standards that speak to the Trinidad aesthetic. Led by the tremendous lyrical phrasing and rhythmic drive of steel pan master Dudley Nesbitt, Pan Jumby features great improvisers and a knockout rhythm section.  Jouvert!
Pan Jumby features Dudley Nesbitt – steel pan, percussion, Richard Ormrod – saxes, clarinets, flutes, percussion, Barkley McKay – keyboard, guitar, Kenny Higgins – bass guitar and Sam Hobbs – drums


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Date of event:

12th November 2016

Event details:

8pm £12/£14 (Students £5)