The Quiet Man (U)

Retired boxer Sean Thornton returns to his native Ireland to live out his remaining years. He purchases the cottage in which he was born from the widow Sarah Tilane raising the ire of “Red” Will Danaher who had long had his eye on the property. He no sooner arrives than he sees the beautiful red-haired Mary-Kate, Danaher’s sister. He runs up against local custom in trying to see her however, requiring Will Danaher’s permission to court his sister and then facing several steps in the courting process before they can marry. With the help of several friends – who make Will think Sean is sweet on the widow Tilane – they are quickly married. Sean has a secret however, one that forced him to leave his boxing career and America.

Stars: John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Barry Fitzgerald
Director: John Wayne
Running time 126 min

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Date of event:

1st December 2016

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7.30pm £4