Santa’s Little Helper

Blunderbus Theatre present Santa’s Little Helper
Who will help to save Christmas? Young Albert Tuttle is nearly seven years old, – far too old to believe in Santa! How does a big fat man wearing bright red pyjamas fit down the chimney, anyway? But, Albert is in for a big surprise. For as he sleeps on Christmas Eve, a big fat man wearing bright red pyjamas tumbles down his chimney like a roly poly pudding. It’s Santa, – he’s come for Albert’s help!

This delightful new show comes to life with an irresistible blend of music, puppetry and high energy storytelling. With lots of laughs, sing-along songs and plenty of opportunities to join in along the way, this is the perfect treat for Christmas.
Oh, and the chance to meet Santa himself! Little people aged three to seven years will love this heart-warming tale but big people will have lots of fun, too. This is a funny, festive adventure with a very happy ending. Guaranteed to have your spirits flying higher than Rudolph!



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Date of event:

18th December 2016

Event details:

11am & 2pm £7/£5