Founded in 2005, Northsyde began life as Funkydory with its debut album “Still” releasing a year later to fine reviews.

Fronted by vocalist Lorna Fothergill, who is also the main lyricist and songwriter, who has  a dynamic and powerful vocal style, sometimes described as “Robert Plant meets Aretha, with a hint of Janis”, she is joined by husband Jules Fothergill on guitar and old friends Ian Mauricio and Hayden Doyle on bass and drums.  Their music combines to give the band a sound quite unlike any of their contemporaries on the modern Blues and Rock circuit.

Through a consistent approach to gigging around the country, Northsyde have grown into a well-oiled music machine, capable of entertaining even the most discerning audiences, whether headlining UK Music festivals to playing smaller support slots: from Guilfest to Maryport Blues Festival, London’s Ealing Festival and Cambridge Rock Festival.  .

The band was nominated and shortlisted in the 2016 Blues Award for the best band award, with each member of the band also being shortlisted in their individual category as musicians.

The best band we’ve had this year… I defy anyone who loves and appreciates great talent and good musicianship to find fault with them…”  The Tuesday Night Club


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Date of event:

21st April 2017

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8pm £12/£14