Snake Davis Band – Classic Sax Show part 2

An instrumental solo can break hearts, lift spirits, even change lives in extreme cases. Snake and the band bring a new selection of tunes this year as they are half way through album 2.

Joined by Gareth Moulton (Cutting Crew) on vocals and guitar, legendary UK saxophonist Snake Davis and his band give us over 20 classics, including Baker Street, 3 Supertramp faves, Will You, Pick up the Pieces, and his own solo from Million Love Songs.

Sax is the favourite instrument for many folk, and for good reason. Saxophone, in the right hands, is so emotional, so passionate; it sings, screams, whispers.

Revealing some of their background and history as well as playing them in context. What is their individual magic ingredient, what makes them classic? How did they come about, how did the players produce that magic?

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Date of event:

14th April 2017

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8pm £14/£16otd