The Book of Darkness & Light

Legend has it that there was once a book of stories so strange and horrifying that it had to be buried. Hidden.  Laid to rest. Now, you are invited to discover the secrets of The Book of Darkness & Light … if you dare.

Join The Storyteller and The Musician for an evening of spine-tingling tales and haunting live music. Three ghostly stories to delight and horrify, accompanied by the beautiful sounds of the violin. Be thrilled, chilled and thoroughly entertained by this charming storytelling experience. The Book of Darkness & Light was created by writer Adam Z. Robinson and musician Ben Styles.

Chilling, spooky and fun, The Book of Darkness and Light draws on the literary ghost story telling tradition. It conjures nostalgia, being reminiscent of the BBC’s Ghost Stories for Christmas and nods affectionately to the cosy, gothic fiction of M.R. James, E. Nesbit and Charles Dickens. The Storyteller is engaging and witty, taking the audience through the three ghost stories and crafting the ghoulish worlds of the tales. The Musician is a commanding presence, silent except for his beautiful and haunting score.

Show Details

Date of event:

21st October 2017

Event details:

7.30pm £13/£15