Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman

Duos come and duos go…  And some nurture and fine tune their art and watch it grow into something totally original, captivating and award-winning.  Bonded  by an unseen alchemy,  Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman have entwined their professional and personal relationship into an enviable class act of imaginative songwriting and musicianship. The Dartmoor-based  husband  and  wife  have  twice  won  the  coveted  Best Duo  title  at  the BBC  Radio  2  Folk  Awards  (2016  and  2013),  consistently  delivering  assured,  distinctive  performances  whether  live  or  recorded.  Over  two  decades  of  performance  they  have  never  been  trapped  in  a  groove always  bold  and  innovative,  mixing  traditional  song  arrangements  with  (increasingly)  their  self-penned  material  which  reels  from  the  bitter  to  the  sweet,  the  wry  to  the  sad,  the  political  to  the  passive, across  folk,  rock, country and blues genres.

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3rd May 2019

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8pm   £15/£17