On the oche at Ropery Hall

If you love theatre and love darts the ideal combination is coming to Ropery Hall in Barton upon Number in the form of Best in the World that aims to spread darts love among theatre-goers.

Best in the World that will be on the oche on Saturday, March 2,  is inspired by some of darts’ biggest heroes including recently retired 16 times World Champion Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor and 80s legends, the late Eric Bristow and Scottish hero Jocky Wilson.

Performer, Alex Elliott uses their stories as starting points for a hilarious, heart-warming and occasionally heroic journey to find out what it really means to be best in the world – a world

that can transport you from the ordinary to the extraordinary, where you are one perfect throw away from greatness, a place where everyone be champions.

That world is darts.

Through this noble sport, Alex Elliott asks the unfathomable question: “What does it mean to be best in the world?”

Join him on a hilarious, occasionally heroic and heart-warming journey, featuring true stories of success, live darts and celebrations of our own personal triumphs. Motivational bananas included. This uplifting show will renew your faith in life and darts. Who knows? You might be the best audience in the world.

“Darts is a very theatrical sport and lends itself perfectly to theatre,” said Liz Bennet of The Ropewalk. “It’s also a sport played by ordinary men and women and everyone can identify with stepping up to the line and attempting to throw a perfect dart.”

“This is a fantastic show with audiences getting the chance to step up on stage and throw a few darts, eat emergency bananas (vital for all athletes!) and share their own personal triumphs,” Liz continued.  “Who knows, the people of Barton might just be the best audience in the world.”

Alex will be on the oche at 8pm for this Unfolding Theatre production in association with LittleMighty.  Tickets cost £13 in advance or £15 on the door.  Advance tickets can be purchased at www.roperyhall.co.uk, in person at The Ropewalk’s Craft Gallery, or by calling 01652 660380.


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