Three Men in a Boat    

A Kick in the Head presentation

After the huge success of Old Herbaceous, Kick In The Head Productions is back with a rip roaring barrel of fun, Three Men in a Boat, with Giles Shenton (Old Herbaceous himself!) playing the part of Jerome K Jerome.

Join Jerome as he recounts the hilarious story of his boating holiday along the magnificent River Thames with his two companions and Montmorency the dog. Come and join in the fun as Giles Shenton expertly takes the helm and pilots you through the ridiculous tale of men behaving badly while messing about in boats!

Produced by Kick In The Head and written by Jerome K. Jerome.  Adapted for the stage by Simon Downing and Giles Shenton. directed by Simon Downing with music by Andrew D Brewis

There are a few seriously funny books that remain great for all time. Three Men in a Boat is one of theseThe Guardian

Timeless appealThe Independent

“Pitch-perfect comedy about, well, three men in a boat” The Telegraph

Giles Shenton “creates an instant rapport with the audience, drawing us into his world and making the characters in it so real we feel you have known them forever.  Edinburgh Fringe Review 

“Skilfully distilled from Jerome K. Jerome’s comic masterpiece into 95 minutes of pure delight. To those who wondered if the same team could live up to the earlier success of Old Herbaceous, the answer was an emphatic yes. A master class in confidence, stagecraft and delivery.” Opening Night Review

The nearest thing to “audio slapstick” I’ve ever heard, culminating in the sublime comedy of opening a tin, when you’ve forgotten the tin opener. It is not often that you come out of a theatrical performance feeling like you’ve been sharing happy and hilarious times, safe from a cruel world & wrapped in a warm blanket.” Vera Fletcher Review


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Date of event:

8th May 2020

Event details:

7.30pm  £13/£15