Holmes and Mrs Hudson: For One Night Only!

From the lunatics who brought you HOLMES & WATSON: THE FAREWELL TOUR!

* Thrill with excitement as Sherlock Holmes and his landlady Mrs Hudson reconstruct for your entertainment the Case of the Frivolous Vicars!
* Try and deduce who killed Constance McMerryweather in the vicarage garden with a quoits spike!
* Ask yourself what, if anything, has Aladdin to do with it?
(Quite a lot, actually!)

Deprived of his usual sidekick Dr Watson, Sherlock teams up with Mrs Hudson, who proves more than equal to the task in hand. But what exactly is her relationship with Holmes? And is it for One Night Only?

A smorgasbord of foreign languages, coded poems,
ballet and opera; HOLMES & MRS HUDSON is pure fun and silliness from beginning to end!
By Stuart Fortey
Directed by Thomas Frere

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Date of event:

17th October 2020

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7.30pm £13/£15

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