While and Matthews Virtual Tour 2020

Recognising the need to adapt to the crippling restrictions imposed on live concerts, Chris While and Julie Matthews, along with the skill and expertise of their soundman Richard Harrison, have raised the bar on live streaming concert quality performances.

They are bringing their tour to your living room where you can watch along with your regular concert goers and share a unique performance exclusive to your chosen ‘venue’.

The concert will be performed in two halves with showtime from 7.30 to 9.30 which will include a short interval in the middle.

Each ticket purchased will buy you a private YouTube link to the live performance which you will receive the day before the concert. Tickets are offered on an ‘honesty’ basis so we kindly ask that if more than one family member is watching the concert on the same device that you buy tickets accordingly, one for each person, as you would if you were attending a concert together. Each ticket is priced at £15

We hope you agree in these very strange and isolated times we have to find ways of still feeling connected and music is a link that binds us all, keeps our venues visible and goes towards filling the void that this year has found artists in, both creatively and financially.

You will receive an email acknowledging your payment with instructions of what to do to watch the show.

Show Details

Date of event:

24th October 2020

Event details:

7.30pm £15