Live music @ Ropery Hall

  • The James Brothers

    25th March 2017 8pm £13/£15otd | Buy Tickets

    The James Brothers are not really outlaws, neither are they brothers and only one of them is called James. They come from the lands down under – Australia and New Zealand to be precise; lands in ...More info

  • Sax Sunday: Snake Davis and Paul Birchall

    2nd April 2017 7.30pm £13/£15 | Buy Tickets

    Keyboard player Paul is a force to be reckoned with, king of many styles, technically brilliant and creatively inspired. Co-writer of many of Snakes tunes, producer of most of the albums, this pair ha...More info

  • John Reilly

    8th April 2017 8pm £12/£14 | Buy Tickets

    A John Reilly concert is almost a spiritual event. An evening where every emotion is touched & unleashed in a uniquely intimate atmosphere created by his intensely profound lyrics and stunning voc...More info

  • Snake Davis Band – Classic Sax Show

    14th April 2017 8pm £14/£16otd | Buy Tickets

    An instrumental solo can break hearts, lift spirits, even change lives in extreme cases. Sax is the favourite instrument for many folk, and for good reason. Saxophone, in the right hands, is so emotio...More info

  • Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman

    15th April 2017 8pm £14/£16otd | Buy Tickets

    Two of the British folk scenes most accomplished performers, Kathryn and Sean have graced stages the world over in a number of guises. However, the intimacy and strength of passion shown as a duo, com...More info

  • Northsyde

    21st April 2017 8pm £12/£14 | Buy Tickets

    Founded in 2005, Northsyde began life as Funkydory with its debut album "Still" releasing a year later to fine reviews. Fronted by vocalist Lorna Fothergill, who is also the main lyricist and songw...More info

  • Rachel Newton

    29th April 2017 8pm £13/£15otd | Buy Tickets

    A Mad Dog Folk presentation Founder member of The Furrow Collective, The Emily Portman Trio and The Shee, singer and harpist Rachel Newton also writes and performs her own solo material, releasing ...More info

  • Sax Sunday: Snake Davis and Chris Parkinson

    7th May 2017 7.30pm £13/£15 | Buy Tickets

    One of Snake’s favorite collaborators, Chris is an incredibly gifted multi-instrumentalist, piano, guitar, concertina, melodeon, piano accordion. Known more for his work in the folk world but equall...More info

  • Daphne’s Flight

    27th May 2017 8pm £18/£20otd | Buy Tickets

    Twenty one years after their debut self titled album and one and only UK tour, the tour de force that is Daphne's Flight is set to return to the stage in 2017. Daphne's Flight are all contemporary ...More info

  • The Danberrys

    2nd July 2017 8pm £13/£15 | Buy Tickets

    One of the hottest acts to emerge from the rockier underbelly of Nashville’s music scene. The soulful pairing of Ben DeBerry and Dorothy Daniel has built up a huge fan base on both sides of the Atla...More info

  • Snake Davis Band

    22nd September 2017 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Returning to their favourite local haunt is the Snake Davis Band. In demand with the biggest names on the British pop music scene, as well as visiting artists from overseas, Snake Davis is regarded as...More info

  • Sam Kelly

    30th September 2017 8pm £13/£15otd

    Sam's debut EP - entitled 'Your Way Home' was released in March 2013, which swiftly created a buzz of interest in the folk scene for Sam's music. He followed this up with the release of the widely acc...More info

  • Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards

    5th October 2017 8pm £13/£15

    They were hailed as one of the most outstanding acts at 2016’s Shetland Folk Festival and after touring here earlier, R2 magazine writer David Innes declared that Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards...More info

  • Gordon Giltrap

    6th October 2017 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Over five decades, Gordon Giltrap has graced the music business with his dedication to his craft and his affection for his audience. As one of the UK's most respected guitarists, he has consistently...More info

  • Hazel O’Connor & Cormac de Barra

    26th October 2017 8pm £22/£24 | Buy Tickets

    See You Again Tour 2017 Support from Jack Lukeman Hazel O' Connor has fast established herself as a concert artist and performer to be reckoned with.  From initially catapulting to stardom with t...More info

  • Philip Henry and Hannah Martin

    28th October 2017 8pm £13/£15otd

    Winners of 2014's BBC Radio Two Folk Award for Best Duo, Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, have come a long way on their journey. In 2009, Phillip, one of the UK's finest slide guitarists and harmon...More info

  • Slocan Ramblers

    10th November 2017 8pm £13/£15

    The Slocan Ramblers are one of the hottest bands on the Canadian circuit and since breaking into America, have been making a big impact there too. The band was nominated in the Traditional Album of...More info

  • Belshazzar’s Feast

    2nd December 2017 8pm £13/£15otd

    In 1995 Paul Hutchinson (accordion) and Paul Sartin (oboe, violin and vocals) shared a musical passion borne out of the desire to earn sufficient money to support their extravagant lifestyles. Their a...More info

  • Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra

    9th December 2017 8pm 12/£14

    Rob Heron & the Tea Pad Orchestra are one of the hardest working bands in the UK roots circuit. With thousands of touring miles under their belts, they have earned themselves a sizeable fan base i...More info